As my first ever formal blog post, I saw it fitting to devote this post to the reason I choose to get out of the warm, cozy bed every single morning. It will also provide meaning behind my “big WHY” of why I’m alive.

Simply put, my WHY is to make a generational impact and my HOW is through real estate investing, leadership, and relationships.

Well, far too often I hear people share their “big WHY” without passion in their breath and fire in their eyes. I too am still in the very infant stages of my figuring out my life’s purpose; one thing is for sure and can be attested by those who know me personally, is, I sure do have passion in my breath and fire in my eyes when I share my love for my niece and nephew. They symbolize the future generations. The future world leaders. The future world CHANGERS.

I know I post a lot of about real estate… from sales to investing to RECN….

What I cannot post or stress enough is my love and admiration for the two strongest future World Changers that I know… my beautiful niece Leah Roselle Diaz and my handsome nephew Cody Robert Diaz. What they don’t yet understand is that they fought against all odds in their battle for life. Leah, born as a 30 week preemie at just over 3 lbs, and Cody, born as a 26 week micro preemie at just over 1 lb, had the odds against them. From brain bleeds to consistent cardiac arrests, all we could do is love and support unconditionally regardless of the outcome. My sister and brother-in-law, as well as all our amazing family and friends, did all we could to give them a shot at life having already beaten the 400+ trillion to 1 odds of being a human.

Now that we’re blessed with these two big hearted kiddos, there is more drive and passion to ensure that they, and the many other future world changers, have the support, resources and guidance to go out, make their own mistakes, fail a ton, create chips on their shoulders and return the favor to the next generation.

This video clip was how I was greeted by them yesterday and to me, it makes everything in the world feel just right even when it’s not. (View @BrentinHess on IG or FB)

Thank you to those who have been and are continuously “here” for me so that I can pour all I have into them and our future World Changers ?


Time is a finite resource, that, all things being equal, the future generations have more of it than us, so if we work hard and become a model for them, we provide them with an even greater amount of time to make an even greater impact. I want to wrap this up by making one more thing clear. I was the guy who wanted to be a gazillionaire so that my kids would never have the financial struggles that my family and I have had. Heck, literally speaking, my niece and nephew are million dollar babies without the support of insurance. Well, as I age and listen to those who are older and wiser, I’ve come to realize how valuable it is to have a chip on your shoulder — when deployed properly. My ultimate goal is not to provide for the future generations financially, it is to teach them how to think [big] at an even younger age than my blessed life.

The future of the world is in our hands. Instead of us forcing life, let’s make sure life will live on beyond us. Together, let’s MAKE A GENERATIONAL IMPACT.