Have you ever wanted to impress someone? Yeah, me too. How about the everyone?

Three years ago, at 21 years old, I flipped my first house. I also began binging personal development videos and books. It was then that I had a strong desire to showcase my life, not journey, to the world.

As I laid there in bed, I pulled up Facebook on my phone. I then began typing what would’ve been my first ever blog post. It then dawned on me that some of my audience had more real estate experience than my one flip and one sales transaction. That’s when I stopped. I realized that I COULD look stupid and dumb to the world. I could be exposed if I said something amateur. I’d just be another one of those millennials who preached as a business know-it-all when they still lived in their parents basement. It was then that I refused to blog.

Update: three years later, connecting the dots looking backwards…

I was afraid of so much. I ultimately wanted to impress everyone which led me to not posting at all. In fact, I searched for a private blog that I could’ve expressed my thoughts without worrying about others’ opinions. Having grown up in such a successful light with many accolades and relationships for someone so young, my insecurities got the best of me. Now, here I am today, writing a blog post, and asking myself, “what changed in the past three years?”

What changed was not giving a shit what others think about me. Admittedly, I do still care, just not as much as before because I realize that I’m able to add more value to my audience being the individual who will be real, authentic, and vulnerable. What better time than now as I document my journey of restarting my real estate investment business having just left a partnership. It’s these individuals who I appreciate the most as a consumer of content, so it’s time to swallow my pride and actually connect with the world.

Now, let’s talk about about documenting. It wasn’t until one of my many unilateral mentors,

Gary Vaynerchuk, explained the difference between document v creating. It makes complete sense. Why attempt to look smart by creating ‘earth shattering’ content when you can impact more lives, gain a larger audience, provide even more content, and get real time feedback by simply documenting your journey.

Even though this makes complete sense, there I was today at one of my flips, considering to go FB live, then deciding against it because stuff was going wrong (plumbing in particular). I was afraid I’d be exposed to the world and to those who look up to me. Yet, now after-the-fact, I’m blogging about my real time, authentic, raw thoughts. I’m truly attempting to recover from my pathetic justification of why not to share my failures and lessons learned with the world. In fact, should people be doing that right now as they build businesses, I’d watch and learn from it every day as opposed to those who simply post their accolades.

Enter, RECN Stories.

Welcome to RECN Stories. Search “RECN Stories” into FB and request to join. We are taking an authentic, real time, deep dive into the lives of 7 RECN Members for the next 6 months as our Season 1 Cast. This will your chance to peak under the hood of 6 incredible entrepreneurs (and then there’s me) who will be authentically documenting our journeys of building businesses in real time.

In conclusion, stop overthinking like me, and just do it. Document. People will gladly help you out and will like you even more when you’re authentic and real — which is heavily missing from today’s society.

Impact Generations,
Brentin Hess